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5 Reasons Not to Miss this Season’s Final Little Picnic in Zagreb

Little Picnic season is winding down

The Little Picnic season in Zagreb is drawing to a close with only one more remaining. You have one more chance to enjoy the nicest picnic in town on Thursday 31 August 2017 at Vranyczany’s Lea on Zagreb’s Upper Town from 6 – 11 pm.

Here are five reasons why Little Picnic is no ordinary picnic.

1. Choice of Gourmet Food – Seasonal, Local & Organically Grown – Straight from the Hand of Local Farmers

Little Picnic is special by its interesting blend of presenting small, local produces and tasting of home made products, combined with laid back picnic socialising. Here you can taste and take to your blanket various exquisite bites, like delicious goat- and cow-milk cheeses, seasonal fruits and vegetables, sourdough breads and buns, salty and sweet wraps and pies, spreads and butters, healthy snacks and vegan sweets, with unavoidable home made wines, juices and smoothies.

2. Personal, Self-Service Approach & Absence of Usual Catering Boots & Ready-Made Meals

This picnic offers no ready-made picnic baskets, nor standard catering boots. It’s focused on exploration and tasting native and natural Croatian products, and fully personalised approach – everybody chooses and combines gourmet-bites according to personal choice and taste. We emphasize slowing down, tasting, discovering, choosing and enjoying taste. And everybody’s welcome to bring their own food.

3. Beautiful Upper Town Venue

Within the very centre, but still not at all exposed, well hidden from city throng, Vranyczany’s Lea seems to be perfect choice for such an intimate picnic. Besides, it is just next to Strossmayer Promenade, so before or after the picnic you can stop by for some Summer on Stross. From here, stairs go to Art Park, so during single evening you can visit three interesting city events with ease.

4. Unconventional Decoration Full of Charming Details

This is not your typical family picnic – you will feel like that you’ve joint some private garden party. Trees wrapped in lights, branches carrying white paper lanterns and vases full of daisies. Hand made carpets on the meadow, blankets in gentle colours, velvet pillows and lanterns in different shapes. Improvised tables and baskets function as stands for antique candlesticks or champaign bottle candlesticks. And here’s retro record player gently playing jazz.

5. Atmosphere

Charming and romantic atmosphere, Upper Town ambiance and happy people, mostly bare foot – that’s a formula for special mood. Limited size Vranyczany’s Lea somehow manages to accommodate ever growing number of tourists and Zagreb citizens that recognize the beauty of this community picnic.

The event is organised by Little Market and supported by Zagreb Tourist Board.

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