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4th Festival of Salt

ninOn the mention of the Dalmatian town of Nin the first association is salt. Therefore, it is not surprising that for this important ingredient for life, they dedicate one day of the year to it…

A unique salt festival is held in Nin’s salt works, one of the most exceptional European salt pans where salt is still produced in a traditional way, hand harvesting like in Roman times. Festival is interesting for its competitions, preparation of antique and other dishes, entertainment program and all of it around salt as main ingredient. Visitors can discover all benefits of salt, usage in cosmetics and skin care, as well as in cooking, while having a good time.

This summer, the tradition continues in the form of the fourth Festival of salt that will be held on 6th of August 2015. With diverse and rich program Nin’s Salt works will conjure all the benefits of salt and its use in the kitchen through play and learning.


In the morning and afternoon various educations will be held on the instructive path, where visitors can learn all the details of producing salt and how salt come to the kitchen table.


In games with salt will enjoy the older and younger population, each in their own way, and those who want to leave their imprint in the salt will be able to hand-pack their own product such as a custom and long tradition of Nin’s Salt works.

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