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30 Croatian Companies Involved in New Zagreb Airport Terminal Build

pleso“I believe that Zagreb Airport has the potential to become an exit point for Southeast Europe. You will see that this is an excellent and modern infrastructure project, which will be complete within three years,” said Gonzalve de Cordoue, from the French consortium who signed a 30-year concession with the Croatian government to build and manage a new passenger terminal at Zagreb’s airport, at a press conference on Wednesday…

Architects Branko Kincl and Velimir Neidhardt said that the airport today has 2.2 million passengers a year, and when the terminal is complete, the concessionaires estimate that number to rise to 3.5 million passengers a year. The new terminal will be built to accommodate 5 million passengers a year and will have the ability to accept seven type C planes (airbus 320), plus one jumbo jet.

The French company said also that Croatian companies will be contracted to carry out a majority of the work.

“The archaeological work has been completed, today we begin with preliminary work, then access roads, etc. Almost all the work will be performed by Croatian companies, 30 of them with more than 1,000 workers will be involved, only the procurement of sensitive materials which are not available in Croatia (wont involve Croatian companies),” said Victor Stefanescu from Bouygues Batiment Int.

The main Croatian company involved in the new terminal build is Viadukt, who signed a 50 million EUR contract.

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