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TimeOut New York Name One Croatian Bar In Its World Top 50 List

One Croatian bar has made well-known American magazine TimeOut New York‘s best bars in the world list.

Cica bar, in Croatia’s capital Zagreb, made the top 50 “Best bars and drinks in the world” list compiled by the magazine which describes itself as “The world’s living guide”.

The Cica Bar is the stand-out place on Tkalčićeva, Zagreb’s endless pedestrianised drinking strip. It’s also the best spot in town to sample Croatia’s favourite local liquor, rakija – a variation on grappa or ouzo. The interior undergoes radical changes every year or so and has the appearance of an art installation rather than a café-bar. For instance, 2011’s gothic bathroom look with ceramic sinks serving as tables was replaced with a long table that looks like a space shuttle and emits an enigmatic blue glow. Skeletal black chairs look like instruments of torture but are strangely comfortable, wrote TimeOut.

Picasso In Zagreb

The exhibition PICASSO – Masterpieces from Musée National Picasso, Paris, which is the largest and most significant exhibition of Picasso’s work in Europe, will open at the Klovic Palace art gallery in Croatia’s capital Zagreb on 14 February 2013.

The Zagreb exhibition will showcase 56 of the artist’s original works from the permanent collection of the museum, and will be by far the most comprehensive exhibition of Picasso’s works ever held in Croatia.

The exhibition will also includes 41 documentary photographs and a documentary film which help to present a detailed picture of the artist’s life

“Croatia Will Be Number One Destination In 2013″

According to surveys conducted by the Turkish Travel Journalists Association, Croatia will be the top tourist destination in Europe in 2013.

The results, published by SETimes, has Croatia in number one spot, followed by Turkey second, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Island.

Government Breaking Law With Tax Dodgers Campaign

A telecommunications expert is accusing the Croatian government of breaking the law during its campaign to try to catch tax dodgers, reports Croatian news portal Index.

Just days after introducing new fiscalization laws, making it compulsory for all traders to have fiscal cash registers that are hooked up with the state tax office, the government has launched a campaign asking citizens to make sure they receive a receipt with purchases and to check a code on the receipt by sending a sms to a number they have set up.

By failing to inform citizens on either their promotional campaign video, Facebook page or on the Finance Ministry website that the sms costs 86 lipa (0.11 euro), telecommunications expert Đuro Labura says they are breaking an electronic communications law by not revealing the cost of each sms.

The penalty for the offence is a fine ranging from 50,000 kuna (6,500 euros) to 500,000 (65,000 euros).

PHOTO: Croatia’s Nicest House According To Architects

Croatian architect Idis Turato has won the annual “Drago Galic” award for the most successful residential architecture project at the 2012 Croatian Architects Association awards.

Turato’s “Nest and Cave House” overlooks the sea in the Opatija Riviera on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast. 





Paris Saint-Germain Sign Croatian Captain

Croatia’s handball captain Igor Vori has signed a two-year deal with French club Paris Saint-Germain today. Vori (32) will join Croatian team-mate Marko Kopljar at the Paris club after moving from German side HSV.

Giant Baby Girl Born In Karlovac

One of the heaviest and longest baby girls on record in Croatia was born in the town of Karlovac yesterday, reports Mrzenica radio station.

The young mother shocked doctors in the Karlovac hospital when she gave birth via cesarean section to a baby girl weighing 5310 grams and measuring 58cm. Staff at the hospital said that they could not remember a newborn girl as heavy or long in all their years in the job.

Sisters Meet Again After 72 Years Thanks To Facebook

Two sisters in their 80’s have met for the first time in 72 years after being separated during World War II, thanks to the social network Facebook.

Tanija Delic (88) and Hedija Talic (82) were born in Bosnia and spent their early childhood there, but in the summer of 1941 during World War II, their father Bego Budimlic escaped to Dvor in Croatia. Younger sister Hedija, who was aged 10 at the time, got lost and ended up in a welfare home in Banja Luka. After the war she left the home and ended up in Tuzla, where she eventually got married and had four kids.

During the last 72 years the sisters had no idea where each other was and had no contact at all until Hedija’s oldest son become curious of his family background. Thanks to Facebook he found Tanija’s daughter Sofija which eventually led to the sisters being reunited, reports Nezavisne novine.

Croatian Tourism Generates €6.4B

In the first 9 months of 2012 Croatia generated 6.4 billion euros in revenue from tourism, 5.3% more than in the same period in 2011, according to data released by the Croatian National Bank (HNB).

The Ministry of Tourism were particularly pleased with the third quarter of 2012, when it generated 4.3 billion euros, 3% more than the same period in 2011.

“At the start of 2012 we announced that our goal was to achieve between 3 and 5% growth on last year. These results show that we have achieved our goal,” said Minister Veljko Ostojic, adding that 2013 will be a challenging tourist year for the country as Croatia enters the EU.

“Croatia will be on the world media stage and we must use the situation in a quality way, presenting Croatia in the best light to the eyes of the world,” said Ostojic.