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Zagreb startup creates educational development platform for IoT

MVT Solutions from Zagreb

ZAGREB, October 05, 2019 – Startup MVT Solutions from Zagreb presents its educational development platform for the internet of things (IoT).

Founder of MVT Solutions, Ivan Golubic said that the technology continues to change at a breakneck pace, but in the midst of all the most stunning advances, the dreamers among us still see endless potential.

Ivan Golubic

There are perhaps no areas where such potential is clearer than the Internet of Things, which promotes upend our lives completely, setting civilization on a course for a brighter future – one that resembles more closely than ever the future that science fiction writers have imagined over the last century. As a young company, we are passionate about playing a role in the impending IoT revolution – through innovation we call the Internet of Things as a Platform.

Kids playing

The Internet of Things as a Platform – or IoTaaP for short – is a tool that will empower engineers to source the hardware and software they need to put their full creativity to use and bring all their most fantastic ideas to life. On IoTaaP, anyone can learn about IoT, build products, contribute to open-source documentation, and take full advantage of the Internet of Things. Pricing the services affordably enough that even students can benefit from the offer, IoTaaP is introducing a whole new level of access to developers and futurists all over the World.

Kai robot IoTaaP platform

IoTaaP is divided into a few categories: development, educational and cloud. IoTaaP can be used by companies or researchers that will develop their products or prototypes using the IoTaaP Magnolia hardware module. Together with free online guides, they will fast-track their development and finally, they will be able to directly monetize their products and innovations.

IoTaaP Magnolia (bottom)

IoTaaP Magnolia (top)

IoTaaP Cloud is a server platform that can be a powerful tool if used with IoTaaP hardware modules that will provide various possibilities to its users like data management, remote control and analytics, while the whole setup is completely automatized.

A lot of attention is paid to the educational component of the IoTaaP development platform. Students and professors can use the educational module together with free documentation and educational materials available online, and in that way master most of the areas related to the internet of things.

IoTaaaP package message

With a robot called KAI (Knowledge And Innovation), users can easily and interactively understand how an IoT system works, create their remote-controlled smart robots, or create brand new features and share them with the community.

Kai robot

Kid’s Kai robot

IoTaaP can be pre ordered right now, and the first shipments are scheduled for early November this year. 

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