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Zagreb fire brigade’s ‘Tetris Challenge’ image goes viral 

(Photo: Zagreb Fire Brigade)

ZAGREB, 26 September 2019 – Emergency service workers all over the world are laying out their equipment in the latest Tetris Challenge trend sweeping the internet.

The Tetris Challenge started earlier this month in Zurich, Switzerland when the police published an photo on social media of two officers lying on the ground, surrounded by the contents of their vehicle. 

The challenge spread quickly with police, paramedics and fireman joining in from all over the globe by posting similar overhead images on social media with the equipment laid out in geometric patterns. 

The Tetris Challenge is a nod to the popular tile-matching puzzle video game Tetris and highlights the often chaotic nature of working in the emergency services. 

The Zagreb Fire Department (Grič 352 – Jankomir station) have joined the challenge and their image quickly went viral, getting close to 3,000 likes and over 400 shares in under 24 hours on Facebook.  

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