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PHOTO: Croatia Airlines unveils new logo

new croatia airlines logo

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

In its 35th year, Croatia Airlines has refreshed its visual identity to align with modern times and current technologies.

This redesign, coupled with a new fleet, clearly and consistently communicates the airline’s strategy, values, and quality, the airline said.

The fleet renewal marks a new chapter for Croatia Airlines, featuring an updated visual identity developed by company designer Ivana Ivanković.

The redesigned logo and updated aircraft interiors and exteriors maintain the airline’s recognisable identity. The logo has slightly thicker letters and a darker shade, while retaining its character. The design aligns more closely with the aircraft tail design, reinforcing the airline’s distinct branding.

new croatia airlines logo

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

The updated visual identity is also reflected in the new cabin crew uniforms, soon to be unveiled. This, along with the new aircraft, signifies a new era for Croatia Airlines, enhancing its recognition both nationally and internationally.

Croatia Airlines is a well-known brand in Europe and globally. The historical Croatian flag forms the foundation of the airline’s identity, with its colours and shapes modernised into a dynamic visual element.

The central features of this identity are the logo and emblem, using red and dark blue as primary colours, representing Croatian heritage, the airline said, adding that the new design ensures better visibility and recognisability.

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The tail design is harmonised with the emblem, becoming a prominent part of the airline’s visual identity. The logo is balanced with the Star Alliance logo, with squares positioned to resemble the aircraft tail. 

new croatia airlines logo

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

“New planes arriving over the next three years will feature the updated design, and promotional materials will adopt the new identity as stocks are replenished. Passengers and stakeholders will witness both the old and new identities, reflecting the airline’s journey and future aspirations,” the airline concluded.

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