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Croatia Airlines mulls intercontinental flights with arrival of new Airbus fleet

Croatia Airlines plane with new logo

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

ZAGREB, 20 June (Hina) – The first of a total of 15 new Airbus 220 aircraft for the Croatia Airlines (CA) will be delivered to the national flag carrier  in July and they will have a refreshed visual appearance as part of the company’s rebranding campaign to mark the first 35 years of business, CA executives said on Tuesday.

CA’s new rebranding was presented with a new logo which still has the red, dark and light blue squares, but more spaced along the plane’s tail and at the front entrance.

President of CA’s Board Jasmin Bajić and the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Mihotić, informed that more than 500 million dollars is being invested in the acquisition of 15 new aircraft by 2027, as well as pilot training and rebranding.

new croatia airlines logo

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

By the end of 2024, a second Airbus 220 should arrive in the CA fleet, while the others will arrive by 2027, and all of them will have about 25% lower fuel consumption and wi-fi as a novelty in CA planes.

Intercontinental flights are being discussed

“This 35th year of operation is historic because it marks the beginning of renewing the entire fleet with brand new aircraft. What we saw in the factory looks good and we are looking forward to it because it also means developing the company, new routes and revenue, which will additionally contribute to the Croatian economy and tourism. We expect increased traffic in the new aircraft and greater visibility of our fleet after rebranding,” said Bajić.

Mihotić said that the new aircraft in the CA fleet will open up many new possibilities. “With the new aircraft, the possibility for intercontinental flights is being discussed,” said Mihotić.

The new planes will have wider seats and more space for luggage, mobile device chargers and new pads, blue with a square logo.

Croatia Airlines plane

(Photo: Croatia Airlines)

The designer of the new logo Ivana Ivanković recalled that CA has previously rebranded its image since its foundation – in 1997, 2004 and 2019 and now in 2024, but never radically and always keeping the squares, which are recognizable for Croatia and are part of its heritage.

20 new pilots employed

Due to the new aircraft and higher traffic, with more routes this year, CA has employed 20 new pilots, some of whom are undergoing training for the new Airbus 220.

In CA, they also believe that with new routes, new planes and good demand, this year they will exceed last year’s figures of more than 1.7 million transported passengers.

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