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Yuri Gagarin Bust EU First for Zagreb

Yuri_GagarinThis September the Croatian capital Zagreb could become the first city in the European Union with a monument of the bust of the first human to travel into outer space – Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin…

The Gagarin bust, which is a project that begun four years ago and has support from both Zagreb’s Mayor and the Russian Embassy in Croatia, is set to be erected on ‘Yuri Gagarin’ promenade in the capital, which is located in front of the Ministry of Youth and Social Policy, said the President of the Young Technicians’ Association Bruno Orešković.

The bust is expected to be delivered to Zagreb from Russia shortly, and will also become a tourist attraction for visitors and locals to the capital. Currently only Russia and Chicago in America have Gagarin busts. Gagarin, who was born in 1934, became both the first human to travel into space, and the first to orbit the earth on 12 April 1961, aboard the Vostok 3KA-3 (Vostok 1).

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