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Wines of Croatia on the rise with America’s newest importer

Wines of Croatia

(Photo: Lauren Mowery)

By Lauren Mowery, Travel Editor Wine Enthusiast

Has Game of Thrones piqued your curiosity about this ancient country cradling the Adriatic Sea?  You’re not alone. Tourism to this beautiful stretch of mountains-meet-coastline has increased dramatically over the last decade. As Americans flock to Croatia, many return home with a souvenir from their travels. Souvenirs of wine soon turn into appreciation for recreating the experience of wining and dining back in Dubrovnik.

Fortunately, a new importer has set up shop in the U.S.: Croatian Premium Wine, based in Boston, Mass. https://www.croatianpremiumwine.com/  Founders include Mirena Bagur, from Dalmatia, and her husband Win Burke. As they say in the industry, timing is everything, and interest in Croatian wine is at an all-time high.

Taste Croatia Wines

Mirena joined me for an Instagram Live event on @ChasingtheVine, and you can watch the conversation here and taste along, if you’d like.  https://www.instagram.com/p/CGpx_4DnY5o/ 

You are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list at www.CroatianPremiumWine.com for updates on new wines and events. And, if you wish to purchase the wines, the special shopping code “ChasingtheVine15” will provide 15% off for the next 45 days for the wines we tasted. Wines are sold direct to you, the consumer.

We focused on three key grapes: Tribidrag, Pošip, and Plavac Mali. While the names sound unusual, the tastes will be familiar while uniquely evocative of Croatian terroir. The wines we tasted are:

  1. Terra Madre Pošip 2018
  2. Rizman Tribidrag 2016
  3. Volarević Plavac Mali (affectionately called the Blue label) 2015

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