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Meet the only Croatian restaurant with two Michelin distinctions

Croatia gets one more Michelin Star restaurant

(Photo: Korak)

The new 2024 Michelin Guide for Croatia came out this week with a number of the country’s restaurants given distinctions.

A total of eleven restaurants in Croatia now have Michelin stars.

They are: Agli Amici (Rovinj), which now holds two stars, Dubravkin put (Zagreb), Pelegrini (Šibenik), 360º (Dubrovnik), Monte (Rovinj), Noel (Zagreb), Boškinac (Novalja), LD Restaurant (Korčula), Nebo (Rijeka), Alfred Keller (Mali Lošinj), and Restaurant Korak (Jastrebarsko), which celebrated in two different categories. 

Restaurant Korak is nestled in Plešivica, the heart of the eno-gastronomic hub of Zagreb County.

This hidden treasure, driven by the passionate vision of Chef Bernard Korak, proudly holds the title of the only restaurant in continental Croatia with a Michelin star and the prestigious Green star for excellence in sustainability.

Family-run and set amidst picturesque landscapes, Restaurant Korak is not just a gastronomic destination but also a symbol of ecological responsibility in food production and handling.

From the Korak family, we learn that their culinary creativity is inspired by locally sourced and seasonal ingredients cultivated with special care: “Sustainability is the foundation of our philosophy,” renowned Croatian chef Bernard Korak told the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

The fact that sustainability truly underpins their business philosophy is confirmed by the green Michelin star.

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Korak’s restaurant is the only one in Croatia with both a Michelin star and a special Green Star, which highlights their commitment to ecological and sustainable gastronomy.

In the context of the growing interest in sustainability across all sectors of the economy, particularly in tourism and gastronomy, Restaurant Korak represents a genuine gastronomic experience and a model for future generations of restaurants.

“We are proud to promote Plešivica and Restaurant Korak as jewels of our sustainable destination. Restaurant Korak is another example of how gastronomy can preserve the cultural heritage and nature of our region while adhering to sustainability principles. The top-quality eno-gastronomic offering is of significant importance to our destination, given the increasing number of foreign tourists with suitable purchasing power,” stated Ivana Alilović, Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

Zagreb County harbours another gastronomic gem recognised by Michelin inspectors, awarding it a recommendation – the sixth such honour.

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This accolade goes to the Turopolje restaurant Mon Ami, renowned for its excellently prepared Mediterranean delicacies. Given its quality, it is anticipated that Michelin stars may soon follow.

Rise in Tourist Arrivals in the Destination, Growth of Boutique Destinations

According to the latest data, Zagreb County has seen a 20% increase in arrivals and a 17% increase in overnight stays compared to the same period in 2023.

These figures encourage the growing prominence of continental tourism in Croatia and confirm the quality of the region’s tourist offerings.

Many examples showcase a unique culinary offering paired with their wines, providing guests with an unforgettable experience of authentic flavours. Such examples bolster even stronger tourist numbers, which already promise a bright future.

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