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Why September is the best month to visit Croatia

september in croatia is the best month


By Ana K. 

I had been holidaying in Croatia from the US for over a decade, only missing one year out of 12. With family there, and the fact that I adore the place, I made a concentrated effort to go as much as I can. 

I have visited during a number of different months – for Easter in April, also in spring/summer in June, July, and August, and even for Christmas and New Years in December and January, but in 2019 it was the first year that I am visiting in September and I am now convinced, September is the best month to visit. 

Whilst all the other months also have their own charms, such as snow and the Advent atmosphere during Christmas, to the parties and real summer fun in August, for me all the pros in September put it ahead of the rest, or maybe I am just getting older. 

Here is my case for September.  


The weather has been gorgeous in September. The cooler mornings and cooler nights mean a great night sleep. The days are warm, boarding on hot but there is no constant sweating and need for cold showers during the night like in August. There seem to be less mosquitos too. 

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After three months of the sun doing its job, the sea has been heated nicely and it has retained the warmth. Swimming has been ideal, with temperatures around 25°C. If you come before the summer heat, you do not get the sea this warm. When I visited in one year in early June, the air temperature was great, highs similar like now of 27°C, but the sea was still chilly and only 20°C. 

Crowds – or lack of them 

Perhaps the strongest point in the case for September is the crowds, or lack of them. It is so pleasant and relaxing to stroll around the town with no crowds. I can rock up to my favourite cafe and grab a seat with a view. I can even choose now which newspaper or magazine on offer to read at the cafe.

There are no problems getting a table at a restaurant and no big queues in Konzum and other supermarkets. The beaches are much quieter also. I love it, it is so relaxing.  

Locals have more time

The locals tend to have more time. A lot of my family work in tourism and it has been great to go to the beach and out for drinks with cousins as they have a bit more time now compared to hectic July and August. I have noticed more locals at the cafes and the atmosphere feels a lot more relaxed.  

Figs & Šipak

September is great for produce. If you come early enough in the month you will get a great fix of figs. Šipak, or pomegranates, are also starting to ripen. Don’t forget the grapes too. 


One thing I loved about coming in July and August was all the events that were on. September also has some great events, such as the Truffle Days in Istria, the fig and strudel festivals, and the tail end of Croatia’s big beer fest in Karlovac is also in September. 

Until I try February, March, May, October, and November, the charm of September has won me over for now.

*The original article was first published in 2019. 


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