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Where are Croats Holidaying Abroad?

The Croatian Tourist Board have once again announced record-breaking numbers, with over 6 million tourists flocking to Croatia so far in 2013, but not all Croats are choosing to holiday on their own coast or on a number of its beautiful islands. More and more Croats are holidaying abroad every year and local news station dnevnik has revealed where those Croats are going.

“The trend is nothing strange. Croats like to travel abroad for summer holidays and get to know other cultures,” said tourist agency spokesperson Nikolina Frklic.

“Greece is the absolute hit, besides sun and sea, there are plenty of other activities they offer. Lately more and more people are going to Bulgaria too, which is being called the “Golden Tunisia”,” said one travel agent.

“Bulgaria has an attractive price. Also it is exotic in its own way, black sea, sunny coast, it offers a lot”. Whilst the majority of Croats hit the Adriatic coast, and a smaller number head abroad to mainly Greece and Bulgaria, it is estimated that around 50% of Croats will not travel anywhere this year for a holiday.

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