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What Does An Ideal Croatian Woman Look Like?

The vision of an ideal woman in Croatia has significantly changed over the last 18 years, mainly when it comes to a women’s role with motherhood and as a housewife. 18 years ago 24% of Croatians said that the ideal woman was one whose role was solely to take care of the kids and family, whilst today that has dropped to 14%, according to the latest data from research agency GfK Croatia.

GfK conducted research in May this year about the perception of an ideal woman amongst Croatian citizens and compared the results with a similar survey conducted in 1995. The number of citizens who consider that an ideal woman is one who has a successful career, and gets help from others to look after the kids, has grown.

When comparing the vision of an ideal woman in Croatia through the eyes of men and women, 38% of women said that career orientated women were the ideal woman, whilst 31% of men said that the ideal women would spend more time looking after the kids and family. 48% of those surveyed under the age of 34 said that the ideal women put their careers first.

According to GfK’s research, there are more women in Croatia who are mothers and housewives (24%) than think that mothers and housewives are the ideal women (12%). On the other hand, there are only 21% of women in Croatia who say they have built successful careers, whilst 38% think that career women are the ideal women.

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