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Wearing a bikini or going shirtless on streets in Split now forbidden

Fines for wearing bikini or going shirtless on streets in Split


The Croatian city of Split has followed the lead of Dubrovnik and has made a decision to ban walking around the old city centre in a bikini or going shirtless.

The Split City Council has adopted a new bylaw which will see people hit with a fine if caught walking around the historic centre shirtless or in a bikini.

The council has published the decision on its website and it will effect tourists as well as locals during the summer. 

“Inside Zone A (cultural-historical centre) it is forbidden be in a bathing suit, underwear or no clothes in a public space,” the decision reads.

The bylaw, which is intended to bring order to the city, especially in Split’s cultural-historical centre, went into force at the start of the new year with the fine prescribed at 150 euros for those breaching the bylaw.

Communal wardens will patrol the streets looking out for offenders.

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The bylaw also covers a number of other things such as drinking alcohol in public and walking a dog without a leash.

“Inside Zone A (cultural-historical centre) consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in public areas except on terraces for catering services.”

The fine for dinking in public is prescribed at 150 euros, and for walking a dog without a leash it is 66.36 euros.

You can see the full decision (in Croatian) here.

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