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[VIDEO] Zagreb’s Grič Cannon: Firing at 12:00 Noon for 140 Years

The open window where the cannon has fired for 140 years

It has scattered pigeons and shocked tourists on a daily basis at midday in the Croatian capital for 140 years now.

The Grič cannon (Grički top) is one of Zagreb’s most recognisable landmarks. Since Since 1 January 1877 the cannon has fired from the fortified Lotrščak tower on Grič in upper town to mark midday.

The cannon was initially used to communicate to bell-ringers of the city’s churches that it was exactly 12:00 noon. The tradition of firing the cannon still continues today.

Lotrščak Tower (photo credit: Dnik)

The current person whose job it is to fire the cannon daily at 12:00 noon is Alem Tutundžić. Alem, who says for him it is the most interesting job in the world, has been in his role for 9 years.

Alem says he applied for the job when a vacancy for the position of cannon-firer came up.

Only four other people have held the job in the last 140 years, with Alem’s predecessor doing the job for 35 years. The light-blue uniform has also remained a tradition.

Three cannons used previously exhibited in the Zagreb Museum (photo credit: EX13)

The cannon also has a Facebook page. Only one post per day is made and that is exactly at 12:00 noon which reads ‘Bum’.

Check out this video of Alem carrying out his daily duties.

(Video: Borna Filić/PIXSELL)

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