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[VIDEO] Stunning Lastovo Tourist Promo Video

Lastovo (screenshot)

Hvar, Korčula, Brač, Krk, Pag…islands in Croatia that are magnets for tourists and international media.

One island which is still a well-kept secret however is Lastovo. There is not much written, yet, about this hidden gem with spectacular untouched nature.

But if more videos like the one below are produced then it won’t be long before the secret gets out.

“Lastovo Archipelago is the youngest Croatian nature park of 44 closely packed remote islands with a long tradition of living from the land and the sea. It truly offers every visitor a chance to experience the Mediterranean as it use to be, slow but full of life and colour.”

There are five caves on the main island and the coastline is very diverse, steep and surrounded by deep sea. There are numerous rocky, gravel and sandy beaches on the main island as well as along the entire archipelago.

The island of Saplun, well known for its sandy beaches is quite a popular destination for sail boats. The town of Lastovo lays over the steep banks of a natural amphitheater overlooking a fertile field instead of the sea which is very unusual compared to other Adriatic islands.

Lastovo town

Lastovo is famous for the wonderful raw nature and typical, simple Mediterranean way of life.

The video was produced within the framework of the SEAMed Project – Development of Sustainable Economic Activities in Marine Protected Areas.

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