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Video of the different types of Croatian kolo dancers you meet goes viral


Dancing the Croatian ‘kolo’ folk-dance can be tricky if coordination is not your strong point.

Often considered to be the richest and liveliest Croatian kolo dance are the dances from the Slavonia region thanks to the difficulty of the steps and lively music. 

If you have ever practiced dancing the kolo, or participated in one at a wedding or celebration, then you will be familiar with that one person who brings their own certain style to the dance. 

A video from three 20-year-old students from Slavonia showing examples of these ‘traits’ has gone viral. 

Melanija Trupina, Magdalena Šokčević and Katarina Mihaljević run through a series of examples of the different types of dancers.

They mimic the person who likes to go in the opposite direction of where they should be going, those who have no rhythm but still turn up to dance, those who always have sweaty palms, those who are too lively with their steps, those just showoff and those who are not the best dancers but love to just show off their ‘attributes’.

The video has had nearly a quarter of a million views and thousands of comments since it was posted. 

“We expected a positive reaction, but the number of views surpassed our expectations. Our primary goal was to make people laugh and we obviously succeeded,” Melanija told Miss7

Check out the video below. 

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