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VIDEO: Concert on Split-Korčula ferry in honour of Oliver Dragojević

Oliver Dragojević concert on a ferry split-vela Luka

(Screenshot/Dalmacija Danas)

A five-day event celebrating the life of legendary Croatian musician Oliver Dragojević has started with a concert on a ferry on Monday. 

Oliver passed away on 29 July 2018 and all this week there will be tributes to the singer during the event “Trag u beskraju.”

This afternoon, Dupini, Tedi Spalato, Marko Tolja, Zorica Kondža, Ante Gelo all performed on board the ferry which travelled from Split to Vela Luka on the island of Korčula where Oliver was from. The concert was free for the public on board to enjoy. 

On Thursday night, July 29, on the 3rd anniversary of his death, a concert will be held on the square in front of the Church of St. Josip in Vela Luka. 

Musicians Gibonni, Teddy Spalato, Marko Tolja, Antonio Serrano, Dupini, klapa Ošjak will perform at the concert, whilst music producer Ante Gelo with the orchestra conducted by maestro Alan Bjelinski will lead concert goers through the musical story of the great. 

The entire concert will be broadcast live on the national TV on HRT2, and on the waterfront in Vela Luka it will also be broadcast and can be watched. 

At the concert, the audience will once again have the opportunity to hear Oliver’s most beautiful songs such as Cesarice, Galeba, Traga u beskraju, Kad mi dođeš ti and many others performed by his fellow musicians and friends.

Trag u beskraju” is organised by the Municipality of Vela Luka together with the Centre for Culture and the Vela Luka Tourist Board and the Luško lito association and plans to mark the beauty of Oliver’s work and the richness of his musical heritage with many famous musicians and his friends. More about the event here. 

Video from the concert on the ferry, courtesy of Dalmacija Danas, is below.

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