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Unique Croatian Colour-Changing Gin Launched

5 Corners gin changes colour (image: Screenshot)

A unique colour-changing gin has been launched by Croatian spirits company Nimcro.

5 Corners gin was presented this week in Split at the leading gastronomic and tourist fair GAST.

The gin is bluish in colour, but when a slice of lemon or some tonic is added, it changes to a pinkish colour.

Marketed as one of the only colour-changing gins on the market, 5 Corners in produced by Nimco out of Bestovje near the capital Zagreb. To create the ‘magic’ effect the gin has a deep infusion of petals from the Butterfly pea flower.

Butterfly pea plants, which have been used to create a natural dye for edible dishes for a while now across Southeast Asia, have a very sensitive pH balance, meaning when there is a shift in in acidity the gin turns a pinkish colour.

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