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Unique 80th Birthday Gift for Pope Francis from Croatia

Pope Francis is set to celebrate his 80th birthday next weekend on 17 December.

He will no doubt be showered with gifts from all over the world, many will be unique no doubt.

One of those unique gifts will be coming from Croatia.

The spectacle-wearing Pope will be gifted a wood-framed glasses made from wood from a 1,600 year-old olive tree from Brijuni island.

The 1,600 year-old olive tree on Brijuni

The gift will come from Viktor and Sanda Jeromil. Viktor is an expert wood-crafter and the idea to make Pope Francis a special pair of wood glasses came from a friend.

“I have though for a long time how nice it would be to make the Pope some wooden glasses, but I could not find the right material for a long time”, Viktor told Slovenian television, adding that he was given the wood from the 1,600 olive tree Brijuni to make the specs.

To make it even more special for the Jeromils, they have been granted special permission to meet Pope Francis personally and give him the gift.

They will head to the Vatican on Wednesday to meet the Pope and give him his new Croatian olive tree glasses.

Pope Francis already owns a Croatian football shirt (HNS)

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