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U.S Department Advises American Firms What to Export to Croatia

CroatiaThe U.S. Department of Agriculture is advising American companies to export seafood, snacks, nuts, ready-made sandwiches, wine, rice and pet food to Croatia, reports Croatia’s Poslovni dnevnik

The United States Department of Agriculture announced in its final report for Croatia, that due to continuous tourism growth, and slow but continuous adaptation of EU rules and regulations, there were opportunities for American food manufacturers and retailers to cash in there.

“Imports of agricultural products and fish, as well as forestry products in Croatia reached 2.7 billion USD, while exports were 2.1 billion USD, which represents a deficit in agricultural foreign trade of 600 million USD,” said the report, adding that demand in Croatia for mid to high range food products would increase and that American exporters had an advantage due to the weak US dollar.

The report did suggest that Croatia would source cheaper American goods from other EU member states, and that most food imports already come from Croatia’s neighboring countries.

Although a maritime country with large exports of seafood and fish, the report suggests that American companies could have an opportunity in this sector, with Croatia importing 108 million USD worth of seafood last year.  However, the greatest opportunity for exports to Croatia for the Americans is with veal says the Department. Last year Croatia imported 46 million USD worth of beef, with a five-year growth hitting 22.03 percent. The report says that Croatia does not produce enough beef for its own needs. Croatia also imported around 161 million USD worth of pork in 2012. Fine wines and dog food is also another area the report suggested that American companies should target.

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