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Two foreign artists find their passion for art in Croatia

Two foreign artists find their passion for art in Croatia

Alina Gishyan & Consuelo Palma

There is something special about Croatia that has drawn many artists to it throughout its history.  

Croatia is a place where beauty and art come together. Perhaps this may be the reason why Consuelo Palma and Alina Gishyan, both foreign artists, developed their passion for art here. 

Consuelo comes from Chile and Alina from Armenia.

They have actively participated in various international exhibitions, both individually and in groups, and over time they have developed new techniques and new inspirations.

During the last six years they have been actively involved in organizing Artistic Hands (AH) exhibitions, which is an annual art exhibition showcasing artists from the International Women’s Club Zagreb (IWCZ).

Being an artist is really fulfilling but hard work. To succeed you must be extremely passionate about your work, dedicated to your artistic journey and also find ways to market your work. 

In addition to creating your art pieces, you also have to promote yourself and your works.

There is always a small part of you that wishes to have a stable income which would be at the expense of quitting art, because life as an artist can be very difficult. 

But good things come from difficulties. This is what artists feel when they are working intensely on their art. And these obstacles help them to build their identity and to discover their true self. They have their own styles, different from the mainstream, but unique and inspiring.

For this reason, Consuelo and Alina are launching a project which is to attempt to create a supportive space for local and international artists in which they can work together to make themselves known. 

Two foreign artists find their passion for art in Croatia

Art Zagreb

They are two foreign artists who seek to ensure that art has no borders. As they have been living in Croatia for quite some time, they have lived through the experience and hardness of the market so, they perceive the need to increase support for artists.

For these reasons, Alina and Consuelo are creating their new business project where they seek to offer concrete support to artists. This project is in process, and they are excited to be able to make it known soon.

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