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Vogue names one Croatian beach on 11 best in Europe list

vogue magazine features croatian beach

Vogue puts one Croatian beach on the list


Croatian beaches frequently feature on the world’s best lists, and this year is no exception.

Vogue magazine has just published its list of the 11 best beaches in Europe, stating they will never disappoint.

Among their top 11 is the stunning Croatian beach, Pasjača, known for its amazingly clear waters and breathtaking cliffs.

The beach is located south of the village of Popovići in Konavle, about 30 kilometres south of Dubrovnik. It is situated in a secluded, hard-to-reach area where the Konavle cliffs plunge steeply into the Adriatic Sea.

Pasjaca beach near Dubrovnik

Pasjača beach

“A short drive south of Dubrovnik lies this intimate beach in south Dalmatia. The beach itself is striking with its teal waters and staggering cliffs, but the narrow path and series of stairs carved into the rock make it all the more memorable. The nearby village of Popovići is also worth a visit for its traditional architecture and olive groves.,” writes Vogue.

It is no surprise Croatia always features on these type of lists. The quality of swimming water in Croatia remains among the highest in Europe, ranking first for coastal bathing waters in a recent report.

Out of 936 sites tested in Croatia last year, 905 (96.7%) were of excellent quality, 22 were of good quality, and 5 were of sufficient quality. None were of poor quality.

Pasjača beach

Pasjača beach (Photo credit: Zoran Jelaca/Croatian Tourist Board)

Four years ago, Pasjača was named the best European beach by the European Best Destinations portal.

11 best beaches in Europe

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Reynisfjara, Iceland

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Pointe de l’Aiguille, France

Platja de sa Boadella, Spain

Thy National Park, Denmark

Tsigrado Beach, Greece

Luskentyre Beach, Scotland

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach, Malta


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