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Tourists from more than 70 countries registered in Croatia in 2019

Rovinj (Photo: Haris Suljic)

ZAGREB, Sept 15 (Hina) – From the start of this year until the end of August, the e-visitor registration system registered tourists from more than 70 countries on visit to Croatia, and the highest numbers of guests came from Germany, Slovenia and Austria.

In the first eight months, 15 million foreigners visited Croatia, up by 4.5% in comparison to the corresponding period of 2018, and they made up 91% of the arrivals, the HTZ national tourist board has reported.

Foreign guests had 79.1 million overnight stays (up 1%), which was 88.4% of all overnight stays, 90.1 million from January to the end of August this year.

With nearly 17 million guest nights of accommodation, Germans were the most numerous guests. They were followed by Slovenians, 9.5 million. Austrian passport-holders made 6.3 million overnight stays, and they were followed by the Poles, 5.4 million, and Italians, five million overnight stays.

Guests from Czechia (4.7 million), the UK (3.5 million), Hungary (3 million), Slovakia (2.8 million) and the Netherlands (2.6 million) made it to the top ten. Behind those nations included tourists from Belgium, Australia, Argentina, Estonia, New Zealand, Turkey, UAE, Malta and Kazakhstan. 

Considering an annual increase in the number of guest nights, double-digit rises in the number of overnight stays are registered among guests from about 25 countries, and a dozen of them are outside Europe.

For instance, the number of overnight stays by U.S. tourists jumped by 11.4% to 1.3 million, and overnight stays made by the Chinese guest soared by 32% to 272,000.

Countries which recorded mote than 10% growth in overnight stays in Croatia included Brazil and Indonesia (20%), Mexico (37.2%), and Chile (42%). The fewest tourists to visit Croatia so far this year arrived from Jordan, Oman and Macau.

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