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Tickets Sold Out for Croatia’s Matches at World Cup in Russia

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Bad news for Croatian football fans who have yet to secure tickets for Croatia’s matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

“All tickets for Croatia’s group matches in Russia have been sold. Stadiums in Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov are all sold out, all sections,” Nikša Martinac, who is in charge of ticketing at the Croatian football federation told daily Jutarnji list.

FIFA has launched the last phase of tickets sales, offering up tickets which have been returned by individuals. FIFA had a system in place where fans who had reserved tickets could get a 90% refund if they returned the tickets.

“For not even one of the three matches were there tickets available in the second round of ticket sales. The Argentina match was the first to sell out,” Martinac added.

How many Croatian fans will be at the stadiums is hard to tell as fans had the chance to purchase for sectors not allocated to Croatian fans. More than 5,000 are at least expected at all group matches.

Croatian fans (Photo: HNS/Twitter)

The stadium in Kaliningrad has a capacity of 35,212, in Nizhny Novgorod 45,331 and in Rostov 45,145.

The trip from the Croatian capital to Kaliningrad for Croatia’s first match against Nigeria is 1,400 km. Kaliningrad Stadium For those fans based in Moscow, a 1,000 km journey awaits to get to Kaliningrad.

The distance between Kaliningrad where the first match is played and Nizhny Novgorod for the second match against Argentina is a trip of 1,684 km. A trip from Zagreb is 2,750 km long.

Croatia’s final match against Iceland will be played in Rostov-on-Don five days later and it does not get any easier for the fans with a distance of around 1,300 km from the venue of the match against Argentia.

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16 June 2018
Kaliningrad: CROATIA – Nigeria – 20.00

21 June 2018
Nizhny Novgorod: Argentina – CROATIA – 21.00

26 June 2018
Rostov: Iceland – CROATIA – 20.00


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