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VIDEO: Joško Gvardiol reveals his nickname at Manchester City

Joško Gvardiol and Lovro Majer on HNS Vatreni podcast

(Photo credit: Drago Sopta/HNS)

Croatian defender Joško Gvardiol (22) has revealed the nicknames he has had throughout his football career, including his latest at Manchester City.

“I have had a few. At Dinamo when I was in the reserves I was ‘Pep’” Gvardiol told the Vaterni podcast powered by PSK, explaining that it was because of the similarity in his surname with Pep Guardiola.

He then when on to reveal that he is called ‘Hos’ today by his Manchester City teammates.

“Even today, they still don’t know how to pronounce my (first) name. Josh, Jos… Something like that. They struggle with it,” the left-back said, before going into how he got his new nickname.

“Haaland, Scott Carson, and I went to do a filming. The crew responsible for the shoot didn’t know our names. I was crying from laughter. They knew Scott’s name. A guy comes up to me and calls me ‘Hos.’ I looked at him like, ‘What is Hos?!’ Scott would then keep calling me Hos every morning,  saying “how are you Hos?”, others heard it, and now I’m Hos,” Gvardiol laughed, before adding.

“The same guy then approached Haaland and called him ‘Hey, Eric.’ I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t stay Eric, but I stayed Hos,” Gvardiol concluded.

Gvardiol and Lovro Majer were the latest guests on the HNS podcast series ahead of Euro 2024.

Apart from nicknames, they shared their most embarrassing moments on the field and what their ideal jobs would be if they weren’t footballers.

Gvardiol also revealed that he is good in the kitchen and enjoys trying out new recipes, whilst Majer confirmed that Gvardiol came good on getting him Kevin De Bruyne’s shirt for him.

They also discussed which teammate would be the best model, and who they would choose to live with on a deserted island with and why.

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