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Tantric Sex Guru Wants Croatian Football Team Life Coach Role

CroatiaWell known eccentric Croatian-Bosnian writer and tantric sex guru Franjo Miličević has sent in a bizarre request to become the Motivational Coach of the Croatian football team ahead of next year’s World Cup in Brazil…

Miličević, who is better known as Aba Aziz Makaja, has offered Croatian football coach Niko Kovač his services. The self-proclaimed spiritual educator, and love and erotic art preacher, has sent Kovač his request via Facebook. Miličević says that Croatia needs a  Motivational / Life Coach and tells Kovač the side needs to focus on the following aspects, which he is an expert in.

1. Character building
2. Development of social competence
3. Mental factor and concentration. To make maximum use of the psychological factor for the success of your own team
4. Preparation of the psyche of players, uniquely for matches against Germanic, African, South American and other European teams
5. Kovač’s responsibility and obligation to the players before every game to warn of potential provocateurs and players who are known for their red cards and dirty tackles, in order to preserve the health and ability of his players (especially the best ones) for the World Cup final
6. Correlation between sexual energy, the amounts of the testosterone in the blood, and orgasmic sexual activity, and increased or decreased mental and physical abilities

Miličević may well get the ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ treatment from Kovač. (pic: Facebook)

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