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Split ranked No. 2 most popular summer destination among Scandinavian tourists

Split Takes the Spotlight: Ranked Second Among Hottest Summer Destinations


Split ranks second among the most popular summer destinations for tourists from Scandinavia. These findings are demonstrated by data from Ticket, the largest chain of private travel agencies in the Nordic region, through which travel packages from leading charter companies, tour operators, airlines, cruises, and hotel companies are sold, the Croatian Tourist Board said.

“These are excellent news that confirm the popularity of Split and Croatia as a whole in the Scandinavian markets. According to eVisitor system data, we have recorded excellent tourist traffic results from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland in the previous part of the year, with double-digit growth compared to last year’s results. For the rest of the year, we expect the positive trend to continue and a strong contribution from the Scandinavian markets to the overall tourism results of Croatia,” said Vedran Sušić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Representation for Scandinavia.

At the top of the list of popular destinations is Mallorca, followed by Split, and then destinations such as London, Crete, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Rhodes, Bangkok, and Cyprus. It is particularly interesting that 8 out of the 10 most popular summer destinations are located around the Mediterranean Sea because, as mentioned by Ticket, guests can enjoy beautiful beaches and a relaxing atmosphere, all within less than four hours of flight from Sweden.

Fines for wearing bikini or going shirtless on streets in Split


Vincent Goodbrand from Ticket confirms this, stating that Mediterranean destinations attract Swedish travelers because they offer the perfect combination of sun, culture, and exciting experiences, aided by good transportation connectivity through direct flights, ensuring easy and worry-free travel.

The description of Split highlights its old town core, the impressive Diocletian’s Palace, and its rich cultural and historical heritage, which, combined with its beautiful coastline, makes it an ideal place for a summer vacation.

It’s worth mentioning that Ticket operates through three brands: Ticket, AirnGo, and Charter, covering markets such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, as well as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, and France.

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