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South Koreans Keen to Invest in Croatia

CroatiaAfter visiting China this week, the Croatian political-economic delegation has now moved onto South Korea in the hunt for investment and trade opportunities…

With a rise in tourists this year to Croatia from Koreans of over 200%, potential for economic relations is bigger than it has ever been with the asian nation. South Korean multinational electronic giants Samsung have already announced that they will increase investment in Croatia.

“We have strong intentions to work with Croatia in relation to improving learning about the environment, and to improve health infrastructure through technology,” said Samsung’s Anna Cho.

A number of Croatian companies are currently part of the delegation which attended the Korean-Croatian economic forum in Seoul, with some already striking up deals. Leading Zagreb construction firm Montaža have already planned a partnership with Korea’s Daewoo on the European market, whilst the Korea International Trade Association says they are keen to start working with the Croatians.

“Our organisation is always ready for partnerships with similar organisations in Zagreb or Croatia to work together as we do with other nations in the Balkans and the region,” said Korea International Trade Association’s Hee Chul Jung.

Currently Croatia imports from South Korea four times more than it exports there. It is not going to be easy work, with South Korea in plus 40 billion dollars when it comes to imports and exports on the world market.

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