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Sotheby’s organising Istrian white truffles auction in London for first time

(Photo: Zigante Truffles)

21 November 2019 – One of the largest auction houses in the world, Sotheby’s, together with the Istria Tourist Board, are organising for the first time an auction of Istrian white truffles. 

The auction will take place at the exclusive Harry’s Bar in Mayfair, London on Monday, 25 November 2019. 

During the auction, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner based on Istrian white truffles, as well as extra virgin olive oils and wines from Istria. 

The leading truffle company in Istria, Zigante Truffles from Plovanija near Buje, is also involved in project. Zigante are providing the main products for the auction and the Istrian dinner.

The auction will be conducted in four parts, and will be intended for both guests present and those interested who will be able to bid by phone. In the first part, smaller-sized truffles will be auctioned, in the second part, medium-sized truffles will go on auction, then the package “Truffle Experience in Istria” will be auctioned. At the end of the auction the biggest truffle of the season will go under the hammer. 

All the proceeds from the sale of truffles at the auction will go to charity. There has been huge interest in the auction/dinner with the evening selling out in just hours. 

In addition to Istrian white truffles, Istrian extra virgin olive oils from the Chiavalon family will be presented, served with truffle-based specialties on all tables at Harry’s Bar.  

Along with extra virgin olive oils, wines from the Kozlovic family of Momjan including Malvasia, Teran and Momjan Muscat.

“Istria has given increasing importance to the UK market, where many promotional efforts have been made over the years, increasing the number of UK guests, intensifying existing ones and opening new routes – especially in the pre- and post-season. Also, since last year, the Istria Tourist Board has been working with the London-based PR agency, FOX Communication, so that Istria is becoming more and more present in the media and events there, which is why the region is seeing an increasing growth of British guests. Following the Time Out Istria edition for the English-speaking region, which was dedicated entirely to our region, we are working intensively to make it more famous in London and its wider surroundings, with a focus on medium and higher-paying guests, said Istrian Tourist Board director Denis Ivošević, adding that the truffle auction is one of the activities that will help Istria to build its reputation and brand. 

Harry’s Bar

The Istria Tourist Board are organising the auction in cooperation with the world-famous auction house, led by its UK chairman, Lord Dalmney, and with the support of the FOX Communication PR agency in London. 


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