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New airport in heart of Dalmatia makes more progress

Heart of Dalmatia airport


An airport project in Pokrovnik, located halfway between Šibenik and Drniš on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, makes further progress this week.

On Monday, at the County Administration of Šibenik-Knin County, an agreement for the establishment of the company Zračna Luka Srce Dalmacije (Heart of Dalmatia Airport) was signed, along with the Shareholders’ Agreement between the members, or founders, of the company.

The founders are the Republic of Croatia with a 55% ownership stake, Šibenik-Knin County with a 20% stake, and the cities of Šibenik (8%), Knin (4%), Drniš (5%), Vodice (6%), and Skradin (2%), Grad Šibenik confirmed.

Representing the Republic of Croatia, the agreement was signed by Tomislav Mihotić, State Secretary for Road Traffic, Road Infrastructure and Inspection, and Air Traffic at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The establishment of the company Zračna Luka Srce Dalmacije (Heart of Dalmatia Airport)

The establishment of the company ‘Zračna Luka Srce Dalmacije’ (Heart of Dalmatia Airport) (Photo: Grad Šibenik)

On this occasion, Mihotić emphasised that air traffic is one of the main pillars of the Republic of Croatia’s transport system, with safety and stability provided by the national airline, Croatia Airlines.

He also stated that the ministry supports the initiative for another airport, this one in Pokrovnik.

Pokrovnik offers significant potential due to the limitations of Split Airport, which is poorly situated with aircraft taking off and landing over the densely populated areas of Kaštela and Trogir.

In contrast, Pokrovnik does not have these problems and benefits from being entirely state-owned, with around 2.5 million square metres available for development.

The fast road linking Šibenik, Drniš, and Knin provides quick access throughout the county, supporting this development.

This, together with the Dalmatian coast, ensures easy travel across the region, from Murter to Rogoznica and from Strmica to Šibenik, and by boat to islands such as Kaprije and Žirje.

Sunset in Sibenik


“Today’s first step in establishing the company opens the possibility of conducting a feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, and project documentation based on which the airport will be built,” said the State Secretary, wishing all shareholders a swift realisation of the project.

On behalf of the City of Šibenik, the agreements were signed by Mayor Željko Burić. In his address to the attendees, he stated that the City of Šibenik, as a stakeholder in the project, is committed to its realisation based on rational and reasonable development within the concept of airports in the Republic of Croatia.

“The City of Šibenik is as strong as its hinterland. The development concept of Šibenik-Knin County is based on an infrastructure network, and the airport is indeed a strong infrastructural link and a driving factor in the year-round tourism and other development of our area,” said Mayor Burić, reminding that the City of Šibenik has already secured spatial planning groundwork for an adrenaline sports zone in the immediate vicinity, which can be logistically connected to the new airport.

The Social Agreement for the establishment of the company Zračna Luka Srce Dalmacije was also signed by Šibenik-Knin County Prefect Marko Jelić, and the mayors of Knin, Drniš, Vodice, and Skradin, who, along with MP Hrvoje Zekanović, also stated that the airport in Pokrovnik is an important prerequisite for the further development of tourism in Šibenik-Knin County and all its parts.

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