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Restrictions for travel across Slovenia-Croatia border relaxed for EU citizens

ZAGREB, May 15 (Hina) – The Slovenian government’s decision to declare the end of the COVID-19 epidemic has surprised many, and the government spokesman said on Friday that the decision was based, among other things, on the improved situation in Europe and dialogue between Slovenian and Croatian epidemiologists.

On Thursday evening, the government led by Prime Minister Janez Jansa also decided that citizens and residents of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) are free to cross into Slovenia provided that they did not stay outside Europe in the last 14 days.

Restrictions for third-country citizens remain in place. Third-country nationals must undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine, with exceptions for diplomats, members of rescue and relief services, attendance of funeral, lorry drivers and persons with certificates issued by the competent Slovenian ministry showing they will provide urgent services.

Asked by the press about new regulations for travel from Croatia to Slovenia, government spokesman Jelko Kacin said that the two countries now had similar epidemiological situations.

The additional reason for the relaxation of restrictions for travel across the Slovenia-Croatia border is to make it easier for students in the contiguous areas in Croatia to continue attending school in nearby Slovenian towns. Slovenia’s schools will reopen their doors for pupils on Monday after two months of online learning.

Slovenia is the first European country to declare an end of the coronavirus epidemic.

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