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Rakhia Bar – Biggest Selection of Rakijas in Town

If you are a fan of the popular potent brandy spirit ‘rakija’ and have visited Zagreb then no doubt you would know all about Rakhia Bar in the Croatian capital.

If you are a fan and have not visited then it is worth a trip.

Boasting the biggest selection of rakijas in town, Rakhia Bar is a haven for brandy fans.

Located at No. 45 Tkalčićeva street, Zagreb’s bustling strip of bars and cafes in the heart of the city, Rakhia Bar is set up like a bright and cheerful living room.

Rakhia Bar

Here you can try over 100 different types of rakija – from Istra, Dalmatia, Slavonia and even Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The menu includes traditional favourites such as Šljivovica, Orahovac, Višnjevac, Viljamovka, Smokovača, Travarica and Medica, to the more unusual such as truffle, lavanda and gold leaf-infused rakija.

(photo credit: mateicaa123/Instagram)

Rakija made from almost everything that rakija can be made from, like figs and apples, is available.

If you do check it out and can only stomach one or two rakijas, then the bar does also serve a range of other cold and hot beverages from tea, to wine to beer.

(photo credit: Rakhia Bar)

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