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Plans For Rijeka To Be Croatia’s Hub For Europe

A new modern railway connecting the Croatian port city of Rijeka with Budapest is part of the government’s planned massive investment into port city on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, speaking on Friday in Rijeka, said that it was planned that by the end of the decade the Port of Rijeka would offer state-of-art port facilities that would connect this Croatian Adriatic city with Central Europe, including the new railway connection.

“Now being at the threshold of the European Union membership, we are finally starting to transform Rijeka into what it should be: a Croatian port and important port connecting a considerable part of Central Europe with the sea,” Milanovic said, adding that the success of Croatia’s economy was based on how it utilised its potentials and resources. The entire project is estimated at 2 billion euros.

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