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[PHOTOS] Work to Start on Luxury Residential-Business-Hotel Complex in Zagreb

How Crystal Centre on Zagreb's main street will look (photo: Crystal Centre)

How Crystal Center on Zagreb’s main street will look (photo: Crystal Center)

Construction is set to start this month on the Crystal Center project which is set to change the landscape of Zagreb’s main Ilica street…

The Crystal Center residential-business-hotel complex will be located on the corner of Ilica and Mandaličina Streets.

The Crystal Tower is the residential part of the centre, stretching from the 6th to 12th floors, featuring 51 functionally located luxury apartments, sized between 50m² and 200m² and overlooking the greenery of the Medvednica Mountain and the southern part of the city.

Various facilities have been developed to meet the residents’ needs and the requirements of the centre’s users, guaranteeing a high quality living experience. Along with a kindergarten, a restaurant, a wellness centre with swimming pools and a fitness centre, a multi-purpose sports hall, a small polyclinic, a café and a patisserie, the plan also includes a garden inside the centre, providing privacy and premium living comfort at the very heart of the centre.

(photo: Crystal Centre)

(photo: Crystal Center)

The designers of the Crystal Center residential-business-hotel complex are award-winning architect Goran Rako and his team, Radionice arhitekture (Architecture Workshops).

“Both as a modern interpolation and a continuation of traditional development of Ilica street, this building will become one of Zagreb’s landmarks, offering the possibility of realising a new type of quality with regard to both facilities and new urban structure,” the Crystal Center project team says.

(photo: Crystal Center)

(photo: Crystal Center)

“We believe that the project, with its facilities, appearance and function, as well as indication of further development, will bring Zagreb even closer to other European capitals.”

(photo: Crystal Centre)

(photo: Crystal Center)

The project is expected to be finished in 2018.

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