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[PHOTOS] New 5-Star Resort Complex for Dubrovnik

How Hotel Plat resort will look (photo: Bexelconsulting.com)

Croatia’s Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, has visited the site of what will be a new 5-star hotel complex in Dubrovnik on Sunday.

The Hotel Plat complex, which the government is expected to declare a strategic investment project, is currently made up of one 3-star hotel and seven villas, as well as 236 units.

The Hotel Plat complex was devastated during the Homeland War in 1990s, leaving other hotels and facilities at the complex out of operation.

Investment of around 50 million euros will see the complex upgraded to a 5-star luxurious resort with 550 rooms, restaurants, wellness, spas and accompanying facilities. The new facility is expected to open up 400 new jobs.

Cappelli said on Sunday that the project was an important one for Croatian tourism.

“I am personally happy to visit yet another investment which will be very important for locals, as well as tourism for all of Croatia”, he said.

Privatisation of Hotel Plat was carried out in 2015, when the majority stake owned by the state was sold to the company KHA Cetiri.

The new 5-star resort is expected to be open in time for the 2019 tourist season.

(photos: Bexelconsulting.com)

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