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PHOTOS: Milio Grabrović wins 25th Race of the Vitica in Barban

25th Race of the Vitica 

ZAGREB, Aug 22 (Hina/CW) – The 45th edition of the traditional three-day Prstenac tournament (Race of the ring) began in the Istrian town of Barban on Friday evening with the flag-raising ceremony.

On Saturday, the Race of the Vitica was held for the 25th time ahead of Sunday’s final Prstenac race. 

Race of the Vitica 

Victory in this year’s race went to Milio Grabrović with a total of 6 points. In the first race, he hit 1 point, in the second race 2 points, and in the third race, he hit on the middle to collect 3 points. A total of 6 points was enough for victory and the title. 

25th Race of the Vitica 

Grabrović was riding the horse Ulik, owned by Ivan Terlević, with the important support of the spearman Aldo Paus. 

Milio Grabrović

Spearman Aldo Paus

On Sunday afternoon, the final race will be held with 16 horsemen participating. 

First mentioned in 1696 and revived by the town of Barban in 1976, the Prstenac Race is held every year on the third weekend in August. The race features horsemen dressed in Istrian folk costumes, and they must cross a 150 metre track on horseback in 12 seconds and hit the “prstenac” iron ring with a spear.

This tournament has become a must-see cultural event, attracting several thousand visitors each summer. This year, it is being held in line with the COVID-19 epidemiological measures.

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