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PHOTOS: Croatian jewelers create unique handmade gold-plated roses

(Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

A unique creation from Croatian jewelers.

Regardless of time and location, two gifts that come from Mother Nature survive all changes in trends and lifestyles, all cultures and customs. From ancient times, they were given as gifts to celebrate elegance, show affection, and display wealth and beauty. We’re talking about flowers… and gold.

To join the incompatible – a freshly picked rose and gold – indeed proves that the beauty of nature can be made eternal.

We bring you the latest story from Zlatarnica Rodić (Rodić Jewelers). The traditional family jewelery shop Rodić went one step further in handmade jewelry and gold; they decided on a completely unusual idea that turned out to be a real success: the Rodic family coated freshly-picked roses from their very own garden with pure gold.

(Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

“We came together on the idea of the gold-plated roses while discussing how we would like to offer an affordable and unique product, which is not only elegant but also long-lasting.” Tomislav Rodić tells us.

Soon this product was found on the shelves of the Rodić jewelry store in Bakačeva 11 in Zagreb, available in three versions: white, yellow and red gold.

(Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

Each color of gold is special in its own way and with the uniqueness that comes with each piece being hand-crafted, it’s an item of high value. The price of one gold-plated rose is approximately 3.000 kuna.

This product is an ideal gift for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, graduation celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, moving, as a business or thank you gift, or a very valuable token of appreciation for ladies.

This is the first time this concept has been done in Croatia.

(Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

You can find out more about Rodic family’s jewelry at www.zlatarnicerodic.com.

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