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Best ćevapi in Zagreb: 7 top spots

best cevapi in zagreb

Ćevapi (Photo: Brenda Annerl/CC BY 2.0)

Zagreb is known for its delicious specialties, and one of the most favourite dishes among the people of Zagreb is ćevapi.

This popular spiced meat specialty, which traditional is served with onions and lepinja (flatbread), and either kajmak or ajvar, can be found in different places in the city, but some places stand out for their quality and taste. 

Below is a list of seven top places for ćevapi in Zagreb.

Pečenjara Cvjetno, Cvjetno naselje
Address: Cvjetna cesta 21A

This place is renowned for having some of the best ćevapis in the city. Ćevapis are served in blocks of four pieces, and you can choose between small and large portions, regular and shish varieties.

Čingač, Vukomerec
Vukomerec ul. 25

This place has long-standing tradition in the area is renowned for its ćevapi, and even a small portion is sufficient to satiate an adult’s hunger. They operate every day except Monday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Batak restaurants are located in various locations throughout Zagreb and are popular for their diverse ćevapi offerings. Their menu includes chicken and veal, shish, and cheese-stuffed ćevapi served in cream sauce.

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Ul. I. gardijske brigade Tigrovi 27 
Razina 2, Rudeška cesta 169a

Sofra is a restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian food and there are two locations in Zagreb. They have a very good reputation in the city for their ćevapi.  

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Stari kotač
Petrovaradinska 20, Prečko

They have been preparing their popular meat dishes on charcoal since 1982, and have forged a reputation for their succulent ćevapi. A lot of people make the trip to that part of the city just for them.

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Zdravljak Dinamo, Dubrava
Čulinečka cesta 31

Another place not in the centre which is worth venturing to just for a ćevapi fix. There are a number of places in Dubrava which does good ćevapi but Zdravljak Dinamo stands out. 

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Plac Kitchen & Grill, Dolac
Dolac 2

Anyone who visits the city’s main market Dolac has sat down to ćevapi on the square at least once. They boast 100% beef ćevapi, and the menu includes small and large and shish varieties. 

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