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[PHOTO] Amazing Aerial Shot of Nin Salt Pans on Croatian Coast

Colourful Nin salt pans (photo credit: DavorStrenjaPhotography / Instagram)

The Nin salt works in the town of Nin on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast are one of the most exceptional salt pans in Europe as salt is still produced in a traditional way and harvested by hand like in Roman times.

Active for over 1500 years, what makes the salt from the pans special is the hours of annual sun hours, the waves of Adriatic Sea and the fierce bura wind from the Velebit mountain.

An aerial view of the salt pans (image Nin Salt Works)

Every year in August the Nin host the Festival of Salt, which celebrates the influence of salt on the town which is located in the Zadar county.

Nin Salt pans

The festival gives visitors a chance to see and get familiar with the salt production traditions in Nin, which is also the only eco-certified salt pan on the Adriatic.

Check out this amazing colourful shot of the Nin salt pans taken from the air by Davor Strenja using a DJI Phantom 3 drone posted on Instagram this week.

Ninski Cvijet Soli – the Nin Salt Flower – accumulates at the bottom of the salt pan and the flower of salt remains on the surface, like a fine crystal united with the sea. It is gently picked by hand and specially designed wooden tool, similar to rake.

The flower of salt is a mineral-rich mixture with precise physical-chemical characteristics.

The Nin salt works are visited by between 70,000 – 100,000 people every year. The whole salt works is a magical museum. More information about the Nin salt works and tours of the attraction on the official website here.

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