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Over 30% of Businesses in Croatia Owned by Women

WWJust over 30% of companies in Croatia are owned by women, according to a study published by Eurostat to coincide with International Women’s Day on Saturday …

In Central Europe there are 822,644 companies owned by women, or 29.5% of the total companies. Female business owners in Croatia is above the Central Europe percentage, with 31.3% of companies in female ownership in the country. 28.2% of executive management positions in Croatia are also held by women.Croatia however is still under the European average when it came to the number of women in the workforce. 46.2% of women in Croatia work, compared to the EU average of 58.5%.

Croatia are also below the European average for the number of highly educated men and women in the country, but are above average for the having the least number of ‘leavers’ from those aged between 18-24 who choose to do some form of higher education.

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