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Old Wild West Restaurant Brand Enters Croatian Market

Old Wild West opens in Croatia (photo: One Wild West)

Old Wild West opens in Croatia (photo: One Wild West)

Italy’s leading casual-dining restaurant chain has opened in the Croatian capital…

The first Old Wild West restaurant has opened in Zagreb’s Arena Centar. Founded by Cigierre over 20 years ago, Old Wild West quickly established itself as the leading shopping centre complex restaurant chain the country. Today Cigierre operate over 30 restaurants in Italy and more than 100 franchise restaurants.

The Zagreb Old Wild West, which employs 35 people, is a 600m2 space with 300 seats.

Old Wild West in Arena Centar

Old Wild West in Arena Centar

“As you can notice with our presence in other countries, outside of Italy we expand only in those countries where we see the potential to contribute to the diversity of supply in the marketplace,” Fabio Zanet from Old Wild West’s international development department told Poslovni.hr.

A wide range of burgers, Tex-Mex, Argentinean grilled meat, salads and more are on the menu at Old Wild West.

There are plans to open more restaurants in Zagreb and around the rest of Croatia.

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