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October is month of Croatian tourism 

Krka National Park and Trokut Šibenik incubator cooperate in digital nomad project

Krka National Park

The campaign “Month of Croatian Tourism” starts tomorrow, a project of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian Tourist Board, as part of which numerous tourist services and experiences will be available at a minimum of 35 percent cheaper prices.

All Croatian citizens, as well as foreign guests who will stay in Croatia during October, will be able to experience tourist services in all parts of Croatia at attractive prices, which will be available on the “Month of Croatian Tourism” portal.

“The excellent main part of the summer season is almost behind us, and numerous guests, more than 200 thousand of them, are still staying in Croatian destinations. Our goal during this autumn and winter period is to maintain positive trends and conclude the tourist year with the best possible result. I hereby invite numerous service providers in tourism, i.e. tourism entities to join the action, but also all travel lovers to take advantage of this opportunity and find the ideal destination or activity they want to experience during October, the month of Croatian tourism,” said Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board, adding that the basic idea of the project is to extend the tourist season by encouraging local and foreign tourist traffic in the post-season period.

Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, added. 

“When we look at the pre and post season results, we can already say that this year we have made a big move towards achieving our strategic goal of making Croatia a year-round tourist destination. The month of Croatian tourism, which we started at the beginning of my term first as a weekly event, and last year was extended to a month due to great interest, certainly contributed to these results.

During this period, local and foreign tourists are given the opportunity to discover all that Croatia has to offer that they may not have known about before, with special benefits and discounts, but also to make sure that our country is beautiful at all times.

Actions like this one and “Experience local. Explore rural Croatia”, we are additionally directing the interest of tourists towards Croatian continental cities and their offer, and I invite tourists, both local and foreign, to take advantage of the benefits offered to them, and all stakeholders who have not yet to join this campaign this year as well.”

Together with the project, a marketing campaign is launched, the aim of which is to provide additional information and encourage tourist entities to participate in the project, as well as the citizens themselves, who we invite to take advantage of this opportunity for travel and experiences at much more affordable prices.

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