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No More Throwing Out Food Past ‘Best Before’ Date?

FoodsMore than 300,000 tonnes of food is thrown out by supermarket chains and shops every year in Croatia, but that soon may all change…

Croatia’s Minister of Finance Boris Lalovac has announced that the government plans to make it easier for traders to donate food to the poor. Tax on food donations mean that a number of shops just throw away food past its ‘best before’ date instead of donating to those in need. Even bakeries giving away bread not sold in the past have faced large fines, but there has been a push for a law change for a number of years now.

“We will break an EU directive which prevents supermarket chains from being exempt from taxes on donations of food because we want to make life easier for our citizens. We are working on a model in which the state will cover part of the tax when supermarkets donate food to social outlets, or for example, Caritas. It is essential that it be strictly controlled,” said Minister Lalovac.

If implemented the law will change the current absurd practice of those living below the bread line having to sift through supermarket rubbish bins to collect thrown out fruit, vegetables and bread.

The current law means that for most shop owners it is cheaper to throw away food past the ‘best before’ date than it is to donate. Traders must pay VAT of 25% on all donations. (photo / wikicommons)

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