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New York Encore for Miki Bratanić’s ‘Story of the Konoba’

Story of the Konoba

Story of the Konoba

The man who has the first and only konoba in Croatia with Croatian protected cultural heritage status, will be back in the United States next month due to popular demand…

Miki Bratanić, who is the owner of a traditional Dalmatian konoba, or wine cellar, in Vrbanj on the island of Hvar, is the author of the first ever book dedicated to the konoba. In 2014 Bratanic brought his book tour of “The Story of the Konoba” to North America, and now due to unprecedented demand, he is coming back to the United States again.

For the second time in the last two years, Bratanić will present his story to a New York audience. Though his story, Miki presents many Dalmatian, Croatian, and Mediterranean heritages, many of which exist on the UNESCO list of world wide cultural heritages.
This time, the focus will be on two UNESCO heritages related to the Croatian konoba -Mediterranean food and Dalmatian klapa singing.

WHAT: “The Story of the Konoba”
WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 8:00PM
WHERE: Dubrovnik Restaurant
721 Main Street, New Rochelle, New York


Bratanić has received high praise from Croatia and abroad for ‘The Story of the Konoba’.

“This story about the konoba is a tale of the altar of the old Mediterranean… The konoba was their sanctuary and everyday theater,” said gastronome Veljko Barbieri, whilst many have recognised the Miki’s struggle.

“This effort assumes a new dimension when one is aware of author Miki Bratanić’s struggle to have the Dalmatian konoba recognized for its importance in the lives of coastal farmers and fisherman, and to have it protected as a cultural good,” says Silvio Braica.

Invitation and organisation for this unique event have been initiated by the Croatian Fraternal Union Lodge 789, with President Stjepan Galic and Secretary John Skibola, who recognized the value of this Croatian heritage story.

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