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New undergraduate programme “Applied Marine Ecology” launched in Dubrovnik

ZAGREB, May 3 (Hina) – The University of Dubrovnik has launched a new undergraduate programme, ‘Applied Marine Ecology’, which will be performed at the Department of Aquaculture, and enrollment is in the process so that students will be admitted for the academic year 2020/2021.

In an extensive revision of courses in the undergraduate university programme of Aquaculture, the Department of Aquaculture prepared a new undergraduate programme, which will have a holistic approach to marine sciences, with the goal of improving quality and adapting to the needs of the society and the labour market, the University of Dubrovnik stated earlier this week.

With the completion of the three-year undergraduate programme, students will earn a BS degree, becoming applied marine ecology engineers.

According to the 2018 Annual Economic Report on EU Blue Economy by the European Commission, business activities connected with the sea and coastal areas have been registering an increase on the EU level for a long time, and more significant growth is anticipated in the forthcoming period up until 2030.

More than 130,000 people are employed in the blue economy in Croatia

The majority of them are in the tourism industry, but other activities also have substantial growth potential, and it is necessary to educate experts who will facilitate the use of sea resources that are exposed to growing negative impacts of man-made activities, it was added in the press release.

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