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New Sljeme cable car connecting Zagreb to the ski slopes almost complete 

(Sljeme cable car)

ZAGREB, 3 August 2020 – Construction works on the Sljeme cable car (Žičara Sljeme), which will connect Zagreb with Sljeme peak on Medvednica mountain, is on schedule and will open shortly. 

“Works are going to plan. If it was not for corona and the problems with transport, we would have been completed in September this year,” project head Goran Radic told 24sata, adding that opening is expected at the start of November. 

(Sljeme cable car)

Sljeme cable car will offer public transport from the bottom stop in the Zagreb neighbourhood of Dolje all the way up to the top of Sljeme Peak. The new cable car is being built where the old one once was and will have 84 cabins, each holding up to 10 passengers. 

The 5 km trip from Dolje to the top will be 16 minutes.

(Sljeme cable car)

In one hour it will be able to transport 1,500 passengers, with the trip taking 16 minutes at a speed of 20 km/h. The route of the new cable car will be lit up, covered by video surveillance and an audio system, while the cabins will be equipped with heated seats, lighting, wireless internet.

The trip is expected to cost around 50 kuna, depending on age and other factors.

(Sljeme cable car)

The station building at the bottom at Dolje will be equipped with underground garages on two levels, with more than 200 parking spaces. 

(Sljeme cable car)

The total investment in the new cable car is 535 million kuna. The original price was 300 million kuna (without VAT), but that later increased. The project includes the renovation of tram tracks from the Mihaljevac station in downtown Zagreb to Dolje.

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