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New Law Means Cash Is King For Croatian Motorists

The widely used expression ‘cash is king’ will certainly be relevant for motorists in Croatia as of today. New laws which came into effect on Saturday mean any motorists found in violation of traffic laws will be able to use cash on the spot to negotiate a smaller fine for themselves.

Any motorist caught by an officer committing an offence which carries a maximum fine of up to 2000 kuna (265 euros) will get a 50% discount if they pay cash on the spot. In some cases the police officer will be equipped with credit card machines, if they are not then they will allow the motorists to visit an ATM machine in the area. If neither option is possible then no 50% discount. The new law stipulates that a 25% discount will apply if the fine is paid within a certain period.

The introduction of the new law is seen as a measure to better collect traffic fines. Until now 87% of fines issued have gone unpaid.

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