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Nescafé’s Croatia Marketing Campaign Grabs Attention

CroatiaProduct marketing has come a long way in the last decade with the take-off of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter…

Companies are having to think more and more outside the square to grab the attention of would-be customers today due to information overload. One campaign which did manage to grab attention was global coffee brand Nescafé’s recent marketing in Croatia.

Nescafé engaged Drap advertising agency in Croatia, and together they came up with the campaign which saw 1,000 of Nescafé’s iconic red mugs locked along bridges and benches in Croatia’s two largest cities – Zagreb and Split. The mugs, much like the ‘love locking’ padlock trend on bridges around the world, were locked with a bicycle lock which had a 4-digit code. When the public came across a mug, they just had to connect with Nescafé on Facebook to receive the code to unlock the mug. After getting hold of the free mug, they could then take it to the one of many scattered Nescafé stands located around town to get a free cup of coffee and another free mug they could share with a friend.

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